Call for Application

The Rector of the University of Public Service invites applications for PhD program this year as well.

The PhD training at our university represents the highest level of the linear education system divided into several cycles, and focuses mainly on training specialists in the field of public administration, national defense and law enforcement, prepares for gaining a scientific degree, and in a wider sense, it contributes to the education of a new generation of the scientific elite.

According to the law CCIV of the year 2011 on the national higher education and the existing qualification of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee, the National University of Public Service is eligible to organize doctoral trainings and conduct the related doctoral degree award procedure.

The University possess independent accredited doctoral schools in the fields of military sciences, military engineering sciences, and public administration sciences.

The aims, documents and the main data of the staff members and professors of the Doctoral Schools of Military Sciences, Military Engineering Sciences and Administrative Sciences can be viewed on the website of the Hungarian Doctoral Council. (

Prof. Dr. habil András Patyi


More details are available at the University Academic Organizational Center:

Noémi Ritter


Doctoral Regulation of National University of Public Service:

Application deadline: 30. July 2015

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